The Glitzy Stars Continue To Bedazzle Onlookers….

No celestial or zodiac discussions are complete without invoking the dazzle of stars. There are different ways of learning about the different physical features, chemical constituents and overall dynamics of stars, but the most comprehensive way to do so, is with the use of Star Catalogues. For those who happen to be new to the concept, Star Catalogues are nothing but a list of stars compiled by any astronomical or astrological fraternity, detailing each of their varied features as well as physical and celestial effects. What’s amazing to note here is the fact that these catalogues cannot just be accredited to the travails of modern science, but can be traced way back to the ancient civilizations. While some records might not have been recovered, historical evidence shows the maintenance of star catalogues and zodiac catalogues carried out by the following cultures:-

  1. Medieval Arab Civilization
  2. Ancient Babylonian Civilization
  3. Ancient Vedic Civilization
  4. Late-Early Greek or Hellenic Period
  5. Late Persian Civilization
  6. Mid-Roman Civilization
  7. Ancient Chinese Civilization

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